Dienstag, 13. März 2012

Kunstvermittlung in Transformation: Der Vortrag von David Dibosa (Video und AudioPodcast)

What, no audience? The end of audiences as legitimators of cultural power in the art museum.

How can we re-­think the role of audiences in the democratisation of cultural institutions? In this talk, Dr. David Dibosa argues against the prevailing role of national art institutions as places where cultural value is reified and cultural power is rendered increasingly technocratic. In its place, Dibosa looks at recent research in the British context. He dis­ cusses the work emerging from the Tate Encounters Project, asking if we can find a model in which audiences no longer act as cultural consumers but instead take up space as acknowledged producers of cultural value.

David Dibosa, University of the Arts London

Das Referat wurde anlässlich der Arbeitstagung "Kunstvermittlung in Transformation" am 9.3.2012 im Kunstmuseum Luzern als Gastgeberin gehalten.

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