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FWD>> No. 11 - 2. Internationales Performanceartfestival mit Jürgen Fritz

Foto by Dunia Mauro / PD

Jürgen Fritz was born 1958 in the Black Forest in Germany. He studied theatre and the
science of music.

1982 – 1990 he worked as a theater director, curator and actor, since 1984 as
performance artist. He is co-founder of Black Market International, since the
beginning of this international Cooperation of Performance Artists with whom he
works since 1985. He showed his performances in all countries of Europe, the USA,
Canada, Mexico Asia and Australia. Since 2005 he lives as free lance artist in
Hildesheim. Here he is co- founder of the International Performance Association
(IPAH, registered association).

He is the artistic director of the annual festival of performance art ZOOM!, co-founder
and co-organizer of the Platform for Young Performance Artists and the IPA Summer.

Since 1995 he is a lecturer in performance art at different Universities in Germany.

He develops his work mostly site specific. His conceptual approach is characterized
by an impressive concentration and precision. For that he uses simple materials such
as bamboo sticks, a bell or marbles with which he creates inspiring pictures.

Performances with simple musical instruments have become an essential component
of his work in recent years. His performance of "ringing a bell in dialogue with ..." he
performs since 2008 with traditional musicians from Europe and Asia.
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Das Festival findet auf Noseland am Samstag, 22. Juni 2013, ab 14:00 Uhr, statt.

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